Why do Small Businesses need Websites
to grow their businesses?


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I have a friend that has been telling me that she’s been trying to grow her business since she initiated it. She is really one of the finest stylists in the area. When I looked over her digital presence, I found that her business didn’t even show up with a Google search. She had great reviews in Facebook, but that rarely resulted in new clients. I tried to talk her into a small website that made sure that she would be within the top stylists in the area. Unfortunately, she felt that since the business was declining, that she didn’t want to spend any more money to increase her client base. I was willing to create her site, and only asked her to host the site with one of the reasonable national companies. I really think that with the website that I would have created for her, she would have seen a huge influx of clients. Sadly, I don’t think that she’ll be able to stay in business.

There was a recent article from a USA TODAY Blog that listed the five reasons why small businesses need websites. The reasons include:

  1. Credibility
  2. Brand Development
  3. Marketing
  4. Competition
  5. Control




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In today’s digital world, it is more common for businesses to have a website than not have one. Statistically, consumers are turned off by this, and expect a business to have a website and find out more about the company. A company also has to make sure that when they do get a website that it has a modern design and layout with a good use of colors and fonts. The content should also be grammatically correct and have perfect spelling to leave a good impression.




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Brand Development

The brand development includes the logo, but it goes much further than that. The website should provide a stage presence, explaining how their company differs from others within the same industry. They can do this by illustrating with a design, layout and content. Additionally, they need to tell their story.




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Websites are the current billboards, newspaper ads and radio advertisements of the past. Whenever a person searches for an item or service, they will get a long list of links to review. The companies that are at the top of the list have a higher probability of the searcher reviewing their website. This is why SEO is a marketing powerhouse tool that escalates the company in the search. Search engines not only favor websites with more web traffic. They also favor ones that maintain their web traffic. The website content can help businesses sell themselves, and if the consumer likes what they see, it can lead to a purchase of their goods and/or services.




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Competition is fiercely digital in today’s market. Thus, it’s paramount that a small business needs a website. Since the majority of businesses have a website, and most potential clients use search engines to find the services or goods that they need, it’s essential to have this digital presence. Most consumers are using the web to find their goods, and will only look at the businesses that have websites. If a business owner doesn’t have a website, it will leave a bad impression to the person searching. Most clients feel that a company that has a website takes their business very seriously.




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A website allows the business owner to control what a consumers sees, and there are tools to analyze how the website is producing visitors and how the number of visitors translate to clients. There are tools such as Google Analytics that can also see the location of where the person logged in from. They can see which keywords are being searched for. This also helps with knowing how to modify the site to bring in more visitors, which will in turn be new clients. A well written and designed website will put the business owner in the driver seat.


The article states that 29% of small businesses don’t have a website. This is almost a third of all small businesses. Don’t let your company lose out on this essential marketing tool. Get a well-designed and written website, and your business should grow dramatically.

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